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New motor installation techniques for different kinds of doors

A lot of innovation has been made in the design and functioning of garage doors over time such that it has resulted in the invention of almost a dozen different kind of doors with different operating mechanisms. This gives a wide choice to the customers to choose the door which best suits their need. However, for a new motor installation to your garage door, it is important to know what kind of motor you need and where the motor will be placed. Here is a look at the garage door  motor installation techniques for few of the most commonly used type of doors.

  • Retractable doors – These type of doors are one of the most common and popular mainly because of their convenience and ease of operation. The entire mechanism is on the top of the door which has an electrical boom and the motor is fitted at one corner on the top of the door.
  • Canopy up and over doors – These doors too have much the same mechanism as retractable doors but they require an additional bow arm conversion kit which slides in order to allow the door to open completely.
  • Side hinged doors – There are two mechanisms for these doors, both of which are equally good. The first is where swing arms are used and fixed to each side of the garage door and attached to the electric boom. The second one is by attaching a hydraulic motor which will operate several clogs and other mechanisms to open the doors.
  • Roller shutter doors – New motor installation in these kind of doors can be a little tricky since they have a very compact and fixed mechanism which do not allow the chance for even a slight error while installing the motor. Usually, the whole door will have to be taken apart to install the motor.